About Us

We are a young team of people passionate about gadgets in general and more precisely connected watches. No time can pass without us being on our phones, our social networks computers. To share this passion with everyone, we decided in 2012 to join forces to found this small company in order to allow everyone to be more connected with their environment and their loved ones. We thought that the best way to do this was to have a connected watch that would allow us to miss nothing of our 24 hours. These little wonders procured us a daily sensation sublime because with them we have data on our health and at the same time, we are connected to our friends and family on different social platforms. In recent years, we have been striving to offer you the best smart watches for children, men and women.

We strive to offer you every day fun and attractive accessories that show you to the world how unique you are! All our products are only selected to match your needs.

If you are satisfied with the boring stuff you can buy from major retailers, you probably will not need us. But if you want to express yourself more, we'll make sure you're satisfied every time you order from us.

We do not want to sell you a million gadgets and gears, just a few that you want, love and use every time. The smart watches we offer, you will have a real pleasure to wear them everyday.

So, if you have any suggestions for us or how we could improve what we do, please contact us! We like to hear from you. This is how we grow and we will always be motivated to satisfy you.




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